Bluetooth earphone  INATURE-SPEAKER-D5
Bluetooth earphone INATURE-SPEAKER-D5
INATURE-SPEAKER-D5 Bluetooth 4.0 high-fidelity lossless audio amplifier is a classic Bluetooth product produced by Shenzhen Jingkeyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Its main control chip uses the old Bluetooth CSR solution CSR8645, supports APT-X, AAC Equal lossless coding, decoding. The Bluetooth chip external ROM has independently developed audio processing software and other audio correction circuits, which can restore the audio signal 100% in decoding and ensure that the signal is not lost, thus achieving lossless transmission. This product has a fast connection response, only 3 milliseconds to connect to the transmission, low power consumption, high reliability and compatibility, and is basically compatible with existing Bluetooth devices, good audio effects, stereo lossless audio, and wideband voice transmission.

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